December 2012

iCADA makes donation to Amnesty International 2012

We thank you very much for all your X-Mas cards and the best wishes for the new year. We also want to thank you for your confidence in iCADA and wish you a very prosperous and healthy year 2013. Like every year we have made a donation to Amnesty International instead of sending out X-Mas cards and hope that this finds your favor.
August 2012

RTCL in production at Infineon's new 300 mm site

iCADA's reticle management system RTCL is now in production on the new Infineon 300 mm site in Dresden. Just like at all other Infineon sites, iCADA's RTCL system integrates mask vendors and covers the entire life cycle of all reticles in the fab.
April 2012

Murata show room installation of RTCL

iCADA's reticle management software (RTCL) — a control system based on iCADA's RSM technology — is now installed at Murata's show room in Japan. This installation is a full RTCL / RSM installation, integrating Murata stockers.
December 2011

RTCL in production at a major foundry in the US

iCADA is proud to announce that the reticle management software RTCL (RSM) went productive at a major foundry in the US.  Our short integration time with the customer's application infrastructure enabled RTCL to support the first silicon.
October 2011

RTCL in production at a major foundry in Germany

In September this year iCADA successfully completed the functional acceptance test for the reticle management system at a major foundry in Germany. Early in October, RTCL (based on RSM) went productive and is now managing all reticles at this foundry over their entire life cycle.

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